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Why I’m NOT Christian

Religion. Most of us have a religion, some of us don’t. I have a religion, but it is one of the more ‘unusual’ ones out there. I could just as easily be Christian, but I am not, and for those of you who wonder why, I have a few reasons:

  1. I was raised in a Christian household, which is in itself not a bad thing, and I love my parents dearly. However, being forced to attend Church on Sunday, and going to a Church School, where Christianity was forced down my throat every day, are pretty strong deterrents in my opinion.
  2. I disagree with a lot of the Bible’s teachings, especially about women’s rights and LGBTQ+ ┬árights. I know that most of these teachings are in the old testament, and modern Christians tend to gloss over them, but they’re still wrong.
  3. I have never felt a real connection to God or Jesus. I’ve tried, of course, but I never feel as connected to them as I feel connected to, say, Poseidon and Hermes.

Looking back at those reasons, they feel a bit insubstantial to me, but my religion is my choice, and I am standing by my choice.

Hasta la Vista,

Xxxx – Cass


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